Hello and welcome to our website, my name is Kelly and along with my partner Andrew we are the lucky owners of four beautiful Eurasiers. I have always been a dog lover and grew up surrounded by Great Danes and Saint Bernards. However, I had always been fascinated with the spitz breeds and after much research trying to find the right spitz breed for us I came across the Eurasier, everything about them sounded perfect.

Not long after we attended a Eurasier walk and got to meet the dogs themselves for the first time, we knew this was the breed for us and shortly afterwards we brought home our first Eurasier Tyler. He was everything we could have wished for, beautiful, confident but very sweet natured. It was because of Tyler we decided to give showing a try and we've had some brilliant success. After that we decided one Eurasier was not enough and 6 month later we added our very pretty girl Tehya to our family.

Now with the additions of Rane and Meg I think its fair to say we have completely fallen in love with this breed and hope you will find them just as wonderful as we do. Our dogs are all much loved and treasured members of our family and we love taking them everywhere with us and showing them off. Please feel free to browse our website for info on our dogs and future breeding plans, or if your interested in the breed and want more infomation your welcome to contact us.

Contact us by email at: [email protected] or by mobile at:  07707 397 447

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Glasir Eurasiers